Hey everyone, welcome to not such a brief intro. MBA grad, entertainment junkie, art aficionado, collector. I just want to go out and say I love entertainment!! Be it movies, music, books, games, TV Shows or comic books. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to have a social life with so many things to do. Creativity is exciting, it’s stimulating and it takes you places. Leave me in a museum and I can spend the entire day clicking photographs. Art for me is not limited to museums, I go crazy clicking graffiti walls. Comic books and gaming is art just as much as that painting hanging in a museum. I love collecting stuff, especially collector’s edition items be it boxes, figures, t-shirts, accessories or shoes.

Ok diverting too much here, but this here blog is about gaming. I’ve been a gamer since the fifth grade and have been clicking it out on keyboards and controllers since then, guess that puts me in the “Core” gaming bracket. Tired of burning out my current consoles, I switched back to PC and damn it feels good WASD-ing around. I own an Acer 5750G Aspire (Low End) and an Alienware M14X (Premium). Not a big fan of multiplayer though, I tend to stick to single player more which means I won’t be buying Call of Duty unless it’s on sale.

There are a lot of gaming websites out there which feature news and reviews but you often see news popping up about journalists reviewing games positively for money. I am not trying to take pot-shots at journalists here; I visit a lot of websites myself. My intent here is to cut through that since I buy my own games and can adequately review whether something is worth your money. Over and above that I would also be writing about my opinions on some developments in the industry as they happen and invite you to further discussions if you are interested in a topic. If you think my opinion is credible enough I invite you to send across some issue as well if you would like for me to look into and start a discussion.

Gaming is an amazing form of art and creativity. I would be analyzing the games I play on criteria such as Story, Game Design and Gameplay and Production Values. I also consider myself as a big picture person, which means that a game doesn’t have to score top grade on all criteria to be a really good experience. Sometimes a story keeps you hooked, other times like for survival horror games you don’t really expect much of a story but the production values may setup that experience. There’s no thumb rule even with criteria to be rated upon. That is just one rating system. The other one would be a Buy, Rent or Ignore. A game maybe really good but not really worth the price tag (I feel Dishonored doesn’t deserve the $59.99 price tag but that’s a discussion for a different post). Through these two rating systems, I will try to address specific needs of users and which game may suit a certain type of individual.

Last but not the least, everyone’s heard this quote “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one”. Well this is mine and I welcome to gaming-imho.

For people who love gaming, I would recommend websites such as gametrailers.com and gamasutra.com for the news. I have a lot of respect for these guys, they love games. Gamewallpapers.com is an amazing site for people who like to personalize their desktops with art from the latest games. I’ll keep populating other relevant sites in this space with time so keep getting back to this space as well.

Also, I am looking for individuals who want to develop games to bounce ideas off and start our own development company. People who are interested may contact me @ gamerimho@gmail.com

You can find me on:




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